Mobiledock for Distribution Centres and Warehouses

Link PO’s and ASN’s to MobileDOCK to control warehouse inventory arrivals to stocking requirements. Eliminate truck waits times and demurrage costs.
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Modernise your Distribution Centre

With the help of Mobiledock, the most sophisticated loading dock management service, increase your productivity, security and availability.

Distribution centers and warehouses, are by definition, focused on the receipt, storage, and distribution of goods. DC to store. NDC to customer. Key to the operation of an effective distribution center, is the ability to efficiently get goods in and out. The requires the coordination of many different supply chain participants. Buyers, suppliers, carriers, distribution center, and receivers.

Operations where delivery and pick up activities are not well coordinated results in many undesirable consequences:

  • Road congestion leading to the site
  • Yard congestion inside the site
  • Unplanned or ad hoc (expensive) labour requirement
  • Potentially unsafe work environment
  • Demurrage or detention charges for long carrier wait times

Mobiledock is an advanced dock appointment scheduling system, which has been deployed in numerous distribution centers. Mobiledock allows operators of these sites to set the rules by which the site is run, defining when loading bays are available, what types of vehicles, what types of delivery/pick up units, dependencies upon site equipment, and compatibility between all these, to effectively enable the automatic booking and approval of requests to deliver or pick up from a site.

Add to this the ability to validate purchase orders (PO), sales orders (SO), transport orders (TO), advanced shipment notices (ASN) during the booking process to ensure only required goods are delivered, and when you want them delivered. Enhancing inventory control and delivery accuracy.

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Then having set these rules, use automated execution technologies to record planned arrival, on dock, off dock, and departure to actual events. This level of planning and event recording allows for the detailed reporting of:

  • Supplier performance: did the supplier book on time and bring the right goods
  • Carrier performance: did the carriers vehicle arrive on time?
  • DC Load/Unload performance: did the DC load unload the vehicle efficiently?

Mobiledock is the most sophisticated load dock management/dock appointment scheduling service globally. The ROI for implementing Mobiledock can be just weeks from go-live. And with Mobiledock being a completely web native SaaS solution, go-live can be just days or weeks from signing up.

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