Coca-Cola Europacific Partners – Managing High Dock Demand With Mobiledock

How Coca-Cola Europacific Partners manage high demand dock processing with Mobiledock.
Source of Truth
Manufacturing and Distribution Centres
Coca-Cola Euro Pacific Truck

Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) is the world’s largest bottling company with over 33,000 employees making, moving and selling the popular brand across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Within Australia, CCEP’s fleet consists of over 700 trucks, and makes around 1.8million deliveries each year, from a network of 8 manufacturing and distribution centres.

The Challenge

CCEP is a complex organisation, with conflicts arising between Sales, Planning, Manufacturing and Logistics (Warehouse and Distribution), in part due to multiple communications between departments and contact group, resulting in discrepancies between what was sold, what was planned and what was delivered.

While CCEP’s manufacturing sites require inbound deliveries of raw materials, not all sites manufacture all products, resulting in not only distributing to customers across Australia, but also shipping a lot of volume between various sites across Australia. CCEP’s existing booking system was mainly spreadsheets, with no real indication of booking duration, leading to overcrowding on at DC’s with trucks queuing, carriers questioning delays, and limited visibility to stakeholders.

As their DC’s struggled with congestion and an inability to prioritise resources for priority deliveries, CCEP also had limited ability for real time management to record and manage dock operations and time to resolve scheduling conflicts with distribution centres and carriers.

We had complex communications, with no single communication channel. We were running on spreadsheets, google sheets, and there was a lack of that single source of truth to try and manage loads.
Brian Minotto,
Logistic Program Manager, CCEP

The Solution

CCEP sought a solution which would allow them to control the arrival of inbound and outbound vehicles at their distribution centres, to streamline operational communications, reducing contention and congestion, and provide a single source of visibility for all internal and external stakeholders.

As a fully hosted, cloud-based web dock appointment scheduling service, Mobiledock was selected by CCEP. Mobiledock’s intuitive web-based design, and ease of configuration has been built to minimise any setup costs and allow the rapid and global deployment of the solution. Mobiledock enables dock delivery management from first appointment request for a delivery slot, through to confirmation of delivery completion.

Implementation of a mass upload feature in Mobiledock has provided the ability to plan and upload interstate and bulk bookings directly into the system with specific configurations utilising a blend of automated and manual approvals to cater to different customer and dock requirements including staggering start time rules and reloads.

From any internet connected browser, CCEP can define and control their booking and execution process and monitor compliance, whilst simultaneously reducing congestion, number of required docks and carbon footprint, whilst also increasing efficiency all round.

The Results

CCEP have seen an almost immediate reduction in the congestion across their sites as live visualisation of the current state of their docks, as well as upcoming schedules and loads required gave them the ability to resource their docks more efficiently.

The in-depth data and reporting Mobiledock provides has enabled CCEP to see and investigate where delays occur, improving carrier relationships and also allowing them to build business cases to enhance their solutions. Alternative uses for CCEP from Mobiledock has been the review of Retail deliveries each day and how can this be smoothed out for the operational benefits of the DC’s, while maintaining their high standards of service levels.

Mobiledock has simplified communications between the departments as well as carriers, providing a ‘single source of truth’, recording and managing dock operations in real time with visual representation of all movements on site via a location map showing on and off dock time and overstay in real time. This is also a benefit for the carriers, as they can see when their truck has arrived and when they’ve left, giving them greater control over their scheduling.

The biggest issue that Mobiledock has solved for us is the ability to prioritise the loads. The ability to hold off on the automated approvals for the interstate routes until we get those time sensitive loads within the system has been an absolute joy for us. It has stopped a lot of frustrated communications, frustrated carriers, just due to that feature alone.
Mitch Bentley,
Logistics Systems Analyst – WA, CCEP

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