Jam packed with features

Reduce dock space required to service tenant deliveries, and link dock usage to tenant leases whilst providing increased security. See a selection of our industry leading features below.
The Booking List

Fully Automated Scheduling

Mobiledock makes your life easier by automating the dock allocation process. Dock appointment scheduling will make both you and your carrier's life easier, and reduce the manual effort controlling your operations. Automate booking, arrival, departure, no-show, over stay, and other status updates.
Mobiledock Timeline Page

Intuitive Timeline

See the current state of your docks at a glance. Quickly and easily move bookings around, adjust durations, reallocate docks, update statuses and see what carriers are doing.
Mobiledock Reports Page

Key Insights

Within Mobiledock configurable dashboards allow you to define collections of “insights” into your operation. You might have a dashboard for your whole Location, detailing carrier performance, booking volumes and other important metrics. Another dashboard might focus on an individual supplier performance. Or you may have an important tenant, and want to report to them on how well you are managing dock operations for them.
Mobiledock for drivers

Driver Enabled

Use Mobiledock from any mobile device. Drivers can make bookings, provide ETA, and present their booking QR code upon arrival, for fast and accurate recording of check-in.
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Warehouse 1

Self Check-In

Drivers are able to self check-in when the arrive, from their phone/tablet without the need to install an app.
Boom Gate Automation

Fully Automated Execution

Control automated arrival and departure with license plate recognition (LPR), QR codes, and PIN codes to activate access control hardware such as boom gates, doors and bollards. Recording every step in the process... automatically.