OneView™ Security Solution From Saab Talks to Mobiledock

Scott Hancock
April 28, 2021
OneView™ is a complete security solution, from Saab Australia, that significantly improves the response process to security crises – with accurate situational awareness, communication and response management, OneView™ puts the control back in the control room.
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Saab has recently completed an integration of OneView™ to MobileDOCK. This integration will allow Saab to verify vehicles approaching their customers secure locations is expected, with a booking in MobileDOCK. By the time the vehicle reaches the security gate, the vehicle check will have been completed in MobileDOCK, displaying the booking details, such as to the security personnel in OneView™. Access control controls (such as boom gate or bollards) can then be operated by the security guard, or automatically activated by OneView™.