Mobiledock Integration Hub is Launched

Scott Hancock
February 02, 2021
This month sees the launch of the Mobiledock Integration Hub, which will allow Mobiledock customers to select and configure a range of integrations they are subscribed to.
Mobiledock Integration Hub Homepage

The integration hub is initially made available with integrations with PIN codes, License Plate Recognition (LPR/ALPR), and Sine visitor management. These are publicly available integrations to all subscribed Mobiledock customers, and more will be added in the future. The integration hub also allows for Mobiledock customers to create their own integrations (private integration), or for independent software vendors (ISV’s) to create plugin integrations (marketplace integration).

When configured in the Mobiledock Integration Hub, these public, private, and market place integrations may be assigned to customers, and then configured by customers. Configuration parameters such as From Status, To Status, Leeway Before Booked Time, and Leeway After Booked Time can define the validity of a PIN code, or a vehicle arrival via LPR to automatically transition a booking from Approved to Arrived, and return to a boom gate to open.

" The Mobiledock Integration Hub places Mobiledock smack bang in the middle of IoT for dock automation. We have automated dock booking for many years now, but the integration hub now allows for service to service communication to automate dock arrival and departure operations. "

- Dave Sanders, MobileDOCK CEO

The Mobiledock API’s and Integration Hub now open Mobiledock for integrations to Building Management, Security Management, Access Control, Visitor Management, Site Inductions, and many other complimentary services.

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