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Future-Proof Your Event: How Mobiledock Enhances Venue Security Ahead of New Laws

When it comes to ensuring the security of an event, it is much more than just placing guards at entrances or installing CCTV cameras. It is about being prepared for every possible scenario, both inside and outside the venue.

Navigating Security Challenges in Event Management

Convention, exhibition, and conference centres often function as transient communities where events are set up, hosted, and dismantled at a rapid rate. This dynamic nature brings inherent security challenges.

The new law emphasises the importance of having thorough security measures in place. Mobiledock helps address this imperative by not only streamlining event setup and teardown processes but also enhancing the overall security of your venue.

Efficiency Meets Security with Mobiledock

Mobiledock allows the move in and out of events to be clearly defined, communicated, and executed, with security at the core.

Events can be planned months in advance and the schedule for move in and out can be configured as these plans evolve, allowing authorised contractors to book their arrival slots within the tight constraints of staged activities.

This entire ecosystem ensures a well-organised, efficient, and secure process, reducing the potential for chaos and security breaches during critical periods.

And the best part? Events can be created, cloned, activated, and reactivated when the same event comes back, offering flexibility, reliability in event management, and a huge reduction in manual processes.

A full history of who was planned to be on site, and who was actually on site is stored, and available for reporting or download if required.

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Seamless Integration: Enhancing Venue Safety

By implementing Mobiledock, venue managers can ensure that security measures, such as mandatory vehicle checks, are seamlessly integrated into the event management process. This integration helps maintain a high level of security while also streamlining operations.

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The integration of Mobiledock into event management processes not only addresses the immediate challenges of security but also prepares venues for future regulations. 

By ensuring efficient operations and comprehensive security measures, Mobiledock supports venues in providing a safe, organised, and secure environment for all event participants.

Mobiledock's ability to facilitate risk assessments and emergency planning aligns perfectly with the principles of Martyn's Law, helping venues stay ahead of regulatory requirements and enhance the safety of all their stakeholders.

If you are an event centre manager, and would like to find out more about how Mobiledock can assist you with event security and how Mobiledock may be able to help you comply with the requirements of Martyn's Law, then contact us.