MobileDOCK for Airports

Airports are a complex mix of public, commercial, security and government activities, and managed together. Many modes or transportation come together at an airport:

  • Private cars
  • Commercial trucks and vans
  • Service vehicles
  • Public transport: taxis (cabs), trains, buses
  • And of course airplanes

What this means is that there are many ground logistics operations within the scope of an airport:

  • Airplane passenger supplies
  • Airplane operation supplies
  • Terminal retail deliveries
  • Terminal operation deliveries
  • Freight deliveries
  • Freight pickup

Each type of logistics being coordinated by their own supply chain.

Overlaying all these activities are core requirements for Safety and Security.


MobileDOCK can be used to coordinate and manage the transport arrivals and departures for all these operations. Each operation can be set up and configured to meet their individual requirements. Suppliers and their carriers can be connected to these operations, with the concept of Private Connections. Private Connections allow for the explicit definition of which carriers are working for which suppliers, and are authorised access to which operational areas of the airport.


Integrated with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/ALNPR), MobileDOCK provides ease of booking and execution, with heightened security. Automatically validate vehicles arriving on site. Do they have a booking? Should they be here? Are they here are the right time?


Integrated with airport freight systems, MobileDOCK enables the validation of airway bills (AWB) during the booking process, such that airport freight operations has advanced visibility of goods containers to be picked up or delivered, and to/from which freight hub operators.


MobileDOCK is more than a loading dock management service, or dock appointment scheduling software. MobileDOCk is a platform for airport land-side logistics management.


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