Managing Conference, Convention, Exhibition Centers with MobileDOCK

Convention, Conference, Exhibition Centers are not like other destinations!

Convention, Exhibition, Conference centers are like pop-up destinations where a community of companies work together to move in, set up, and run an event for a short period of time. Then dismantle and move out. And next week it happens again. #eventtech

Convention, Conference, Exhibition Centers may have fixed space and capacity, but every week they transform and reconfigure to accommodate the needs of each Event. 1 Hall, 2 Halls, with Theatre, without. Every Event will have it’s own unique requirements, and the Events destination must adjust it’s spaces to suit.


For each event, teams of contractors are engaged by the Event Organizer to build the event. Move in and assemble in a very short period of time between when 1 event finishes, and the next one begins. Sometime overnight, and exhibitors move in, quickly followed by attendees. And then again after the event everyone and everything needs to be dismantled and moved out.


Convention, Conference, Exhibition Centers with have the facilities to make this event move in and out process as easy and efficient as possible make the operation of events by Event Managers easier, and attract more events.


MobileDOCK allows the move in and out of events to be clearly defined, communicated, and executed. Events may be planned many months in advance. The schedule for move in and out can be configured as these plans evolve, and allow the different contractors to book their arrival slots within the tight constraints of staged activities. Events can be created, cloned, activated, and reactivated when the same event comes back.

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