Integrations Marketplace


MobileDOCK has an extensive set of inbound API’s and outbound Web Hooks, which allow for MobileDOCK to communicate with any external system, in any part of the booking or execution process. This can be a simple one call  “validate this code” to complex multi-step calls to perform almost all functions of configuration, booking and execution. This allows MobileDOCK to be embedded, integrated, or white labelled.


Below are a selection of integrations with MobileDOCK. These range from generic IoT integrations for IoT devices, private integrations to customer internal systems, and through to integrations with 3rd party commercial services. These integrations form the MobileDOCK Integrations Marketplace.


MobileDOCK customers can be enabled for Marketplace integrations, or build their own integrations.

Sine Visitor Management

MobileDOCK integrates with Sine visitor management service to validate contractors arriving to site have a booking in MobileDOCK, authorising them to be on site. During the arrival process in Sine, the visitor is asked to provide a MobileDOCK booking code or PIN code. Sine will reach out to MobileDOCK in real-time to validate the entered booking code, and if valid, the visitor will be checked in to Sine, and the booking in MobileDOCK.

Saab OneView™

OneView™ is a complete security solution, from Saab Australia, that significantly improves the response process to security crises – with accurate situational awareness, communication and response management, OneView™ puts the control back in the control room. Saab has recently completed an integration of OneView™ to MobileDOCK. This integration will allow Saab to verify vehicles approaching their customers secure locations is expected, with a booking in MobileDOCK. By the time the vehicle reaches the security gate, the vehicle check will have been completed in MobileDOCK, displaying the booking details, such as to the security personnel in OneView™. Access control controls (such as boom gate or bollards) can then be operated by the security guard, or automatically activated by OneView™.

DDI Labs

DDI Labs is an innovator in the field of applying video analytics in the real world. DDI Labs was chosen by International Towers at Barangaroo in Sydney to use its video technology to help control onsite traffic. MobileDOCK is now integrated with DDI Labs to provide real-time verification of vehicles arriving to the underground dock at Barangaroo. As vehicles arrive, DDI Labs will recognise the vehicle license plate, and update the vehicle details on the booking, and automatically operate the boom gate.

Gallagher Command Centre

Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions, a centralized platform that gives you unparalleled control of every aspect of your site. Bookings made in MobileDOCK are automatically pushed to Command Centre, creating access authorisation for a defined date and time. This can be used in Command Centre to validate arriving vehicles in MobileDOCK, either within Command Centre, or automatically using license plate recognition.

Smart Parking

Smart Parking’s SmartPark system is a complete, end-to-end solution that pairs a network of sensors, feature displays and live gateways with a powerful and intuitive web-based platform. When integrated with MobileDOCK, vehicle movements on site can be used to update the status of bookings in MobileDOCK. Arrivals, departures, and even on/off dock status updates can be automated with the use of SMART Spot sensors and license plate recognition. Drivers can be guided to their correct delivery location using live digital signage.

IoT PIN Code

Using MobileDOCK's IoT integration hub, devices are able to send a simple PIN code to MobileDOCK, and have it instantly validate. Is there a booking with this PIN code? What is the status of the booking? Should a vehicle be presenting to this site at this time? Ans if valid, then send a simple OK message back to the IoT device, and let the device activate a boom gate or other access control mechanism.

IoT License Plate

Sending a simple message with only a vehicle license plate, to the MobileDOCK IoT Integration Hub, will allow for the immediate real-time validation that a vehicle is authorised to arrive to site, and update the booking status, and allow the license plate recognition system to open an access control device.

Axiis Tenant App

Brookfield axiis Tenant App is the single point of contact for Brookfield building tenants to manage all their building services. It provides access to building information, facilities, services, events, contests, perks and news that matters to tenants. MobileDOCK is now embedded in axiis, and may now be used by tenants to book dock space for deliveries, and get visibility of booking made by other MobileDOCK community members to tenants. Adding MobileDOCK to axis gives Brookfield tenants greater control and visibility, and a superior tenant experience.