World-Class Emporium Shopping Precinct in Melbourne Seamlessly Delivers Freight to 225 Stores with Mobiledock and Australia's Largest Truck Lifts

How the Emporium Shopping Precinct in Melbourne has used Mobiledock to seamlessly deliver freight and reclaim valuable retail space.
Bookings Automatically Managed
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Emporium Shopping Precinct in Melbourne

Emporium Melbourne is a luxury shopping centre on the corner of Lonsdale and Swanston streets in Melbourne, Australia. Occupying the former Lonsdale Street site of Myer's Melbourne store, Emporium opened in 2014 following extensive redevelopment.

Spanning 46,000 square meters, Emporium Melbourne is the nation's largest designer precinct, and an array of over 40 unique dining establishments.

During the redevelopment, the space-consuming truck ramps were replaced with Australia's largest truck lifts unlocking 2/3rds of a floor for rentable space.

Trucks and vans descend 12 metres from the ground to lower basement via the twin 25 tonne lifts seen here.

The Challenge

Operating a premium shopping precinct in Melbourne’s CBD entailed tackling several distinctive challenges. Firstly, maintaining the high standards expected by high-end retailers necessitates consistent, top-tier service. Secondly, efficiently managing a high volume of deliveries in a congested area posed a logistical challenge. Limited street access and restricted dock access for the lifts compounded delivery complicationsand required a scheduling approach for vehicles to access the basement dock. Finally, stringent site security measures were imperative due to the value of the merchandise.

The Benefits

Emporium's conversion of 7000 square meters of floor space originally earmarked for long ramps has liberated valuable retail space. Mobiledock ensures precise arrival times for drivers, granting them direct access to the truck lift in a scheduled manner and to the assigned dock space. 

The elimination of queuing times reduces truck idle time, enhancing efficiency while decreasing emissions. Emporium offers premium deliveries to high-profile tenants and gather insightful analytics on load arrivals and departures, thus improving operational transparency and tenant satisfaction.

With Mobiledock, we have taken one of Melbourne’s most challenging delivery locations and made it one of the best. We look forward to continuing to offer world-class dock capability for carriers and tenants.
Craig Hugill,
Operations Manager at Vicinity Centres

The Solution

Mobiledock is a fully hosted, cloud-based web application, boasting an intuitive web-based design and easy configurability to minimize setup costs and enable rapid, global deployment of the solution.

Mobiledock facilitates dock delivery management, from the initial appointment request for a delivery slot to the confirmation of delivery completion. The vehicle arrive and depart times are captured when the driver scans the booking barcode in the lift.

The Results

Since its launch in August 2014, the automated appointment booking system at Emporium has yielded impressive results. Over 90% of appointments are now managed automatically via the web, reducing the need for manual intervention by Dock Management. This has significantly alleviated on-site congestion.

Moreover, the system has bolstered security by identifying and deterring unauthorized vehicles from entering the site, thus diminishing security risks. Additionally, it has mitigated Chain of Responsibility (CoR) risks by enhancing compliance and accountability. Overall, these results underscore the system's effectiveness in optimising operations and ensuring safety at Emporium.

In the midst of an iconic and extraordinarily busy retail center, Mobiledock ensures safe and efficient deliveries every day at Emporium.

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