Snack Brands Australia Streamlines Inbound and Outbound Deliveries with Mobiledock

Through Mobiledock, SBA has successfully streamlined processes, optimised dock usage, and enhanced visibility for all supply chain stakeholders.
Automated Bookings
Snack Brand Australia Trucks

Snack Brands Australia (SBA), established in 1998, is a Sydney-based renowned snack food manufacturer known for its high-quality snacks like Samboy, Thins, Kettle, CC's, and Cheezels.

SBA has a strong reputation and loyal consumer base, emphasising innovation and sustainability. It currently operates three Sydney sites consisting of a new DC in Orchard Hills, and their plants in Smithfield and Blacktown. A new plant in Orchard Hills will replace the latter two in 2024.

The Challenge

The complex challenges facing Snack Brands’ outbound and inbound logistics operations involved a combination of how to best:

  • Optimise the dock space for outbound and inbound deliveries
  • Manage & schedule deliveries to planned labour schedules and staging areas
  • Adhere to the carriers’ fleet availability and drivers CoR requirements
  • Engage and connect with the suppliers, carriers and drivers
  • Create a centralised source of truth for all dock management information
  • Eliminate congestion and delays during the loading and unloading processes
  • Increase safety and security on site
  • Communicate changes to drivers via SMS that the booking had changed

The Solution

SBA partnered with Bestrane to implement Mobiledock, a cloud-based dock appointment scheduling service designed to streamline vehicle arrivals, communication and visibility for stakeholders.

Mobiledock is user-friendly and configurable, minimising setup costs and allowing rapid deployment. SBA bookings contain valid purchase orders (for inbound deliveries) and sales orders (for outbound deliveries). All supply chain stakeholders have visibility of the status of their bookings.

The project's success highlighted the crucial role of a well-defined scope and strong teamwork. Working with a committed project team was a pleasure, as we collectively delivered tangible benefits to the DC. Deploying Mobiledock has not only improved the booking experience for carriers but also enhanced on-site compliance tracking.
Carmen Knattress,
Logistics Commercial Manager, Snack Brands Australia

The Results

  • Optimised Dock Utilisation: Enhanced visibility and control reduced congestion and boosted productivity.
  • Automated Booking Approval: The solution automated 95% of bookings, minimising errors and manual intervention.
  • Enhanced Security and Efficiency: Access was validated through a boom gate and PIN/QR code scanner.
  • Admin – Free Approach to Capture DIFOT and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Data: Via smart boom gates and driver kiosks.
  • Demurrage Elimination: Delivery and departure times eliminated demurrage and improved supplier compliance.
  • Streamlined Dock Management: Improved efficiency and centralised information.
  • Effective Communication: Carriers and drivers communicated updates efficiently for ETA and bookings without calls or emails.
  • Freight Accuracy: Bookings aligned with valid sales orders (SOs) and purchase orders (POs).
  • Real Time Notifications via SMS to drivers

Through Mobiledock, SBA has successfully streamlined processes, optimised dock usage, and enhanced visibility for all supply chain stakeholders. Notably, this solution has played a crucial role in facilitating efficient resource planning, improving supplier management and reducing congestion.

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