Achieving the 'Barangaroo Effect'

Mobiledock has solved the challenge of how to manage & schedule deliveries into one of Australia’s busiest underground loading docks via a single loading dock entrance accessed via one of Sydney’s busiest roads.
Loading Dock
Barangaroo Loading Dock

Barangaroo is one of Australia’s most ambitious urban renewal projects embodying world-class design excellence and sustainability principles.

The 22 hectare, Barangaroo precinct has redefined the western edge of Sydney Harbour and be a lasting legacy for future generations. Its home to over 11,000 office workers, 32 speciality retailers, and 1,200 residents.

The Problem

The complex problem facing Barangaroo involved a combination how to best

  • manage & schedule deliveries each month into one of Australia’s busiest underground loading docks via a single loading dock entrance accessed via one of Sydney’s busiest roads
  • engage and connect with the suppliers, carriers, drivers and tenants that represent the site’s commercial community
  • ensure the overall amenity of the precinct by keeping trucks off the main street level, and contribute to its overall safety & security
  • provide leading customer service for all tenants in relation to their commercial deliveries.
  • enable direct integrations with other building technologies including access control (boom gates & license plate recognition), building management, and contractor induction systems
  • provide an efficient communication network to allow Barangaroo to rapidly inform its community of changes to site conditions

The Solution

In working with Barangaroo we gathered specific strategic and operational requirements that became apparent as the building was rising from the ground. We combined these inputs with our experience in the scheduling of commercial deliveries into urban and industrial areas over many years.

The key design principles employed during Mobiledock’s development were to ensure the

  • ease of use by a broad community of users, and
  • functional capability to manage a broad range of operational requirements that are faced by urban locations
  • ability to operate in international markets
  • Mobiledock is a fully hosted, cloud-based web application.Its intuitive web-based design, and ease of configuration has been built to minimise any setup costs and allow the rapid and global deployment of solution.

It features a unique and highly configurable scheduling engine which has enabled Barangaroo to build and maintain site specific rules, to amongst other things

  • pre-approve which carriers, drivers have access - enhancing security at the site
  • specify the types, dimensions and weights of vehicles and loads permitted ensuring the operational safety and efficiency of the site
  • prioritise & shape the timing of appointments & deliveries ensuring the right products are delivered at the right times – providing the ability to automatically prioritise say food & beverage deliveries in the early morning, and general office deliveries in non-peak periods
  • automatically notify tenants on the status of their deliveries – providing a greater service to the site’s tenants, and reducing demands on dock staff
  • communicate directly with the community on any issues such as the need to close the docks for emergency maintenance

We understood that benefits for Barangaroo are derived by also through connecting this community to other relevant applications To fully embrace the connected building.

These applications may extend from Access Control technologies such as BoomGates, Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) and Active Signage, through to contractor sign in solutions and building management systems. This connectivity is enabled through Mobiledock’s extensive set of public APIs.

Carriers and their Drivers access Mobiledock via any web capable device. Appointments can be made at selected site(s) through a self-guiding booking wizard. The unique QR code or PIN code generated with each approval becomes their entry ticket to the site.

The value proposition for Barangaroo is that Mobiledock allows them ‘control’ who access the site and the conditions of that access.

Vehicles that use our facility range from courier bicycles to large trucks, and the Mobiledock rules are useful in this regard as it automatically assigns bays based on the vehicle size, significantly reducing the administration requirement on our site teams. Using the QR code/PIN and new API’s has automated the entry process further, along with our Licence plate recognition (LPR) integration, this enables the Dockmaster to focus on operations rather than conducting manual checks and administration. These advancements in technology get vehicles off the surrounding streets and into our facility, and enable effective deliveries to the 9 buildings served by our loading dock reducing local road congestion. This is particularly important during peak periods as efficient loading dock management contributes towards reduction of our carbon footprint (minimising fuel use)
Mark Hedges,
Property Services, Barangaroo

The Results

It provides Barangaroo with visibility – providing a definitive answer to questions such as:

  • Who came in yesterday and why?
  • What is happening now?
  • What can we expect for tomorrow?

It has allowed them to eliminate manual processes, provide visibility for their tenants, and allows efficient resource planning, supplier management, reduced congestion and increased security.

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