Thomax Technology .wms Connects with Mobiledock

Scott Hancock
June 20, 2022
Thomax Technology is a software company specialising in, amongst other industries, Warehousing, Freight & Logistics. the Thomax Saas Warehouse Management solution .wms is designed to get stock into your warehouse, and ship it out the other side – as quickly and efficiently as possible.
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Thomax .wms has a variety of pre-built integrations to other applications. So when it came to including automated dock scheduling and execution into .wms, then MobileDOCK was a natural choice due to extensive APIs available in MobileDOCK. The network of carriers already on the MobileDOCK platform also meant that adoption and a booking process, and compliance to the plan, would be smooth.

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Both Thomax .wms and MobileDOCK are designed to be integrated with other services.

" It took just 50 lines of code, and 2 hours, to get MobileDOCK integrated to .wms. I don’t usually like to say this, but it was easy. "

- Thomas Jackson, Thomax Technology Founder and Managing Director

.wms is currently being deployed to a joint Thomax and MobileDOCK customer in Australia, and going live shortly.

Click here for more information about .wms and Thomax Technology.

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