Mobiledock Webhooks Enabling IoT Integrations

Scott Hancock
April 20, 2021
Mobiledock has made significant advancements in integrating with other systems using IoT.
Person using computer near green circuit board

Real-time integration between web services is core to #iotconnectivity between systems. Building on full suite of #Mobiledock inbound APIs, we have added comprehensive outbound Webhooks to enable #Mobiledock to fully support #iotdevices, boom gates, license plate recognition, digital signage and other access control and security systems to support #proptech #smartbuildings #smartcity.

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Events such as Space Assigned, Booking Approved, Vehicle Arrived can trigger an outbound call from #Mobiledock to any other web service in real-time, allowing those systems to be informed, and perform actions.

For further information on Mobiledock, how you might use it, or how you might integrate, please contact us