Mobiledock Steps Up to the Plate

Scott Hancock
January 15, 2021
Mobiledock has added a key new capability to our commercial delivery management service.
A baseball player hits the ball

Mobiledock has extended API integrations to allow for booking arrival validation and automatic check-in through License Plate Recognition (LPR/ALPR). LPR systems are able to send a simple license plate number to Mobiledock, and Mobiledock will instantly locate a booking with that license plate, validate the correct arrival time (+/- minutes), automatically update the booking status from “Approved” to “Arrived”, and return confirmation back to the LPR system, which can then allow entry to the site through boom gates.

The recently released Mobiledock API Hub allows destinations to configure the rules by which a booking with the license plate will be deemed valid.

  • Minutes before booked time
  • Minutes after booked time
  • From old status
  • To new status

Mobiledock will return a confirmation or rejection in less than a second, enabling real-time automatic arrival validation… without security or gate personnel.

Already 2 existing Mobiledock customers have begun work to integrate this capability into their building operations.