Mobiledock Australia User Group 2019

Chris Mason
March 11, 2019
Mobiledock Australian users gathered in Sydney to hear the latest developments in Smart City and Distribution Center deliveries with Mobiledock.
Mobiledock User Group 2019

A large group of users, from companies such as Westfield, Barangaroo South, Snack Brands Australia, Linfox, David Jones, and Officeworks gathered to listen to presentations from Mobiledock management and engineering. Also in attendance were consultants from leading supply chain firms, including KPMG and SALT3.

A valuable part of the day were presentations from selected customers, where ideas and experiences were shared amongst the group. Sessions like this allow customers to share as a group, understanding what challenges are being experienced when managing deliveries to city destinations, such as security, safety, and congestion. And then to learn how other companies solve these challenges with Mobiledock.