Delivery Distancing with Mobiledock

Scott Hancock
April 23, 2020
Safe, Secure, No Contact Commercial Deliveries to City Destinations
Hospital Loading Dock with COVID Overlay

At a time when personal safety has never been more important, and where everyone has a part to play in safety, the ability to control commercial deliveries into city destinations is high on the agenda for all city destinations (commercial buildings, retail centres, residential complexes, hospitals, education facilities, Government offices).

Much focus has been given to B2C deliveries, where courier drivers and food deliverers are all adapting to community restrictions on contact between people. Home deliveries are critical to social distancing requirements being set and enforced by governments.

But what about B2B delivery activities. Building tenants (commercial or residential) also require replenishment of essential supplies. Those businesses which are still able to operate through these restrictions are attempting to trade through difficult times, or frequently classified as essential services, and need supplies.

Loading docks inside these buildings have limited access and limited space. The safety of delivery drivers and load dock personnel is an important consideration. Only authorised vehicles/drivers should be admitted to a loading dock, and only for valid purposes, and following processes which ensure safety for all. This includes controlling which deliveries should be made, from which suppliers, by which carriers, to which tenants, and most importantly when.

When is critical, as controlling how many vehicles/drivers are allowed into a facility at any one time, to ensure drivers and dock personnel are not in direct contact, or too close. This is where Delivery Distancing becomes a requirement.

Delivery Distancing has a number of characteristics.

  • Verifying companies who can make deliveries
  • Setting rules about when deliveries can be made
    • Types of vehicles
    • Types of products
    • Number of spaces available
    • Number of vehicles on site
    • Priority of deliveries
  • Automatic approval
    • Date
    • Time
    • Allocated bay
    • Safety instructions
  • Notifying all related people
  • Verifying arrivals electronically
    • Correct company
    • Correct time
  • Ask safety questions and collect responses
    • Have you been in contact with a person with flu symptoms?
    • Do you feel well?
    • Measure temperature
  • Checking vehicles in electronically
  • Notifying tenants of arrival

When implemented destinations can be assured that they have taken adequate steps to provide a safe, secure process for arranging and executing deliveries to their facility, which will ensure their site remains open and healthy.

For information on how your destination may be able to implement Delivery Distancing, please contact Mobiledock. Mobiledock can be easily activated for any destination…. With No Contact.