Coordinated Construction Deliveries with Mobiledock and Procore

Scott Hancock
October 19, 2022
Mobiledock is now available to all Procore Technologies customers globally, through the Procore App Marketplace.
Procore logo over an image of a Mobiledock-controlled construction site.

Procore customers wishing to control construction deliveries are able to add Mobiledock to their Procore company, or individual projects. From within Procore, the full functionality of Mobiledock may be used to configure delivery areas and operational rules, to manage vehicle arrivals and departures, providing coordinated materials delivery, without vehicle congestion on site or on surrounding roads, for a safer more efficient construction site.

Effective construction traffic management is essential for safe and efficient construction site, and ensures the right materials get to site at the right time. The combination of Mobiledock's dock appointment scheduling, and Procore's project management, provides an industry-leading construction solution.

Procore is a market-leading construction management platform. With a rich App Marketplace, Procore enables customers to build out a comprehensive set of applications, all working together, to manage the full lifecycle of construction projects. Mobiledock has partnered with Procore to bring the full capabilities of Mobiledock to Procore customers.

Click here to see Mobiledock in the Procore App Marketplace.

Screenshot of the Mobiledock application on the Procore App Marketplace.