Bulk Bookings for Distribution Centres and Warehouses

Scott Hancock
December 07, 2021
A new Bulk Bookings feature has been added to Mobiledock for Distribution Centres and Warehouses, in order to make it simpler than ever to make bookings.
The Bulk Bookings Uploader

For many warehouses and distribution centres, they have a large number of vehicle arrivals to their facility every day. Often all for a single carrier/trucking company. This requirement usually happens for outbound movements, where the destination is responsible for scheduling bookings. To make bookings simple for these Mobiledock users, we have enabled the capability to upload booking requests from a spreadsheet, or .csv file, and have those requests be automatically booked and approved to available slots. This greatly reduces the time it takes to make 10, 20, 100+ bookings, and eliminates rekeying of information, and possible mistakes.

Through a few simple steps, a destination is able to generate a template. When this template is filled in and uploaded, Mobiledock will validate the data, and then automatically approve requests according to all the booking approval rules defined.