Release Notes

Version 16.10


  • Single sign-on integration for new customer
  • Introduction of new map layer for MobileDOCK ETA
  • Internet Explorer 9 compatibility changes
  • Make at least 1 quantity required when submitting an appointment


  • Password reset API call
  • Redirect on sign out
  • Prevent autocomplete in credentials screen
Version 17.1


  • Add new customer Symbion
  • Restrict bookings to current or future dates
Version 17.8

Multi-Party Bookings

This enhancement provides the ability for you to make a single booking for multiple Suppliers/Retailers into the same destination Centre.

To enable this, the booking screen has been changed to move the destination Centre above the Supplier/Retailer selection. Once the destination Centre is selected, the list of Suppliers/Retailers will be populated.

Simply select 1 Supplier/Retailer from the list. As the Supplier/Retailer is selected, it will be added to the booking. Then select other Suppliers/Retailers from the list.

To remove a Supplier/Retailer from the booking, just tap the red minus icon next to the added Supplier/Retailer.

Note: Each Supplier/Retailer can only be added once per booking.


Credential Update Request

From the My Account screen, you are now able to submit requests to destination Centre dock masters, requesting authority to make bookings to Suppliers/Retailers. This can be used to where you have no existing credential (to request a credential), or where you do have an existing credential (to add more Suppliers/Retailers to your list).

  1. Tap on the Request Credential button
  2. The form will open up to allow you to select the destination Centre and enter the Suppliers/Retailers you want to deliver for.
  3. Enter the details and tap the Send Request button
  4. The form will be submitted, and a message telling you it was sent to the destination Centre
  5. You will then receive an email confirming this request has been made.

The destination Centre dock master will be in contact when the request has been processed.

Version 18.05

New Destinations

The addition of 3 new destinations now controlled by MobileDOCK.

Multi-Party Bookings – change

Provide the ability to request access to different destination centres within a destination company (e.g. Westfield Bondi, Westfield Sydney)