MobileDOCK Check In/Out for Android Released

MobileDOCK Check In/Out for Android Released

MobileDOCK is pleased to announce the release of MobileDOCK Check In/Out for Android. MobileDOCK Check In/Out is a companion app to MobileDOCK.


MobileDOCK Check In/Out

MobileDOCK allows for the simple online entry and management of appointment bookings for on-street and off-street commercial parking areas.

MobileDOCK Check In/Out is used by parking area managers to facilitate the validation of arriving vehicles, ensuring the right vehicle is attempting to arrive at the right time, and to the right location. After successful validation, customisable workflow allows the parking area manager to update the status of the appointment to record the arrival date and time. Other workflow steps may be configured to collect delivery information, and events while a vehicle is on site, allowing for full visibility and audit of deliveries.

Features include:
-Enter appointment approval number
-Scan appointment approval number using camera or infra-red scanner
-Search by vehicle registration
-Instant appointment creation and arrival
-Status update

Download MobileDOCK Check In/Out from the Google PlayStore HERE

For automated appointment validation and status, MobileDOCK Boomgate, MobileDOCK License Plate, and MobileDOCK Parking Sensor may be used in conjunction with MobileDOCK.

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